Old House C.P.R. – the Center for People Restoring – grew out of a dedication to fostering a community of old house resources for the purpose of assisting people in their efforts to take good care of their old place.

We hope Old House C.P.R. provides you with the restoration information and inspiration you need!

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The essential guide to repairing, restoring, and renovating your old home –
Plaster Edition

The Old House Handbook edition on How to Plaster will teach you how to address numerous plaster topics including:

  • Identifying and handling various plaster systems
  • Analyzing plaster problems and how to fix them
  • Incorporating modern materials to make your repairs easier
  • Applying plaster and developing your technique
  • Step-by-step Crack Repair & Patching How-To’s

eBook ONLY $9.95


How to Reglaze a Window

Replacing a broken pane of glass and reglazing a window pane takes a little practice, but is basically an easy chore. With the right hand tools and technique, you can get rid of poor glazing and buildup or a dangerous broken pane, and weather-tighten your window. It is easiest to take the sash right out […]


Avoid Restoration Pitfalls

Lack of time, resources and expertise usually lead to poor decision-making where our older buildings are concerned. Unfortunately, there is rarely one answer or one way of doing things where older buildings are concerned. Just as the original approach to an architectural element was borne out of necessity and ingenuity, the solution to any given […]


TOT: Avoid Harsh Drain Cleansers

DON’T use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet or other drains! These products are not only dangerous to your health, but can damage plumbing fixtures and pipes, and kill the good bacteria operating septic systems – creating costly repairs!


Go Green: Insulation

While it is true that an entire house would be insulated in the ideal world, those of us with old houses know that we rarely get to operate within ideals – that is the charm and character we love so much in our old place! Selecting the right products and installing them under the right […]


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