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Tricks of the Trade

TOT: Avoid Harsh Drain Cleansers

DON’T use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet or other drains! These products are not only dangerous to your health, but can damage plumbing fixtures and pipes, and kill the good bacteria operating septic systems – creating costly repairs!

TOT: Safe Cleansers

Baking soda, white vinegar, and soapy water, along with a tooth brush, are your best weapons for cleaning most areas – skip the harsh chemical and abrasive cleansers whenever possible. Harsh chemicals and toxic cleansers tend to be too corrosive on old building materials, and can seriously damage older pipes and fixtures. Avoid using vinegar on anything rubber like gaskets and seals, however, as it can dry out the surface and cause cracking.

TOT: Ladder Safety

When using an extension ladder, it should extend outward from the wall at least 1 foot for every 3 feet of height for a stable footing.

TOT: Plaster Repair

When using a sandable product such as Durabond, there is a tendency to scratch the plaster around the edges of your repair. To avoid this, use a stiff, wet sponge at the edges of your patch to avoid chasing your tail as you finish up your repair.

Go Green: Insulation

While it is true that an entire house would be insulated in the ideal world, those of us with old houses know that we rarely get to operate within ideals – that is the charm and character we love so much in our old place! Selecting the right products and installing them under the right […]


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How to Plaster

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